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The People Helpers Podcast

He is a prominent attorney.  They call her The Money Lady®.  Together they are The People Helpers.  

Attorney Gregg Rossi and his wife, Deanna Rossi, created The People Helper Podcast to educate and help the viewers with their Legal, Financial, and Life Issues. Legal and Financial well-being are inextricably linked.  The pair often refer clients to each other.  Deanna is an Author and Independent Financial Professional with decades of experience counseling clients.  Paired with Attorney Rossi's decades of legal experience and mixing a married couple on camera, the podcast highlights vibrant and fun discussions that effect everyday Americans.  The couple often discuss their days over dinner at their favorite restaurants; therefore, fittingly the podcast is hosted "Side Bar", at various restaurant/bar locations over a signature cocktail.  Their passion to highlight various establishments was spawned from their love for food and their appreciation for restaurant/bar industry.  

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