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"I have found that leading by example and having the courage to surround yourself with people that are congruent with whom you wish your children to emulate, is the best gift you can ever give them."

-Deanna Rossi-

Deanna knows the plight of the single working mom as she survived a sudden divorce, rose from the pain of heartbreak, and re-built her life.  Deanna is now married to the man of her dreams, Attorney Gregg Rossi, and inspires others to never settle.  The Rossi's have successfully blended their families and coach others to manifest the relationship of their dreams.  Deanna believes that you become most like the 5 people in which you spend the most time, so she encourages the family to choose wisely.  The kids know her catch phrases all too well... like her favorite "Sometimes you need to change your friends or change your friends". Or, the family mantra Andiamo!  Andiamo is Italian for Let's Go.  Deanna and Gregg encourage the family to have an open heart and mind to traveling and experiencing the world and its people, attack a challenge head on, and to have a No Justificuses mentality.  The Rossi's believe that a sign of intelligence is an open mind!


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