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Did you ever want to know how to make money work harder for you so you don't have to work so hard for your money? Did you ever wish you understood how money actually works? Have you ever wondered what type of investment, life insurance, or financial strategy would be the best fit for your family? Have you ever felt like you just don't understand when people talk about money?

The Gift of Money is a simple and easy to read book that discusses basic money concepts. Deanna reveals in each chapter a Gift of Money. Each Gift is a concept that the author and her team of professionals teach to clients to help improve their financial knowledge. Deanna has spent nearly two decades in the financial industry and has developed a simple way of using stories to explain complex financial concepts and make them simple and easy to understand.

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Deanna wrote No Justificuses talk-to-text while in a dark room recovering from an occipital stroke that left her partially blind at just 43 years old. Her No Justificuses mentality is infectious as she encourages readers to overcome their own adversities. Her personal stories and anecdotes will not only entertain you, but you will find her no-nonsense approach to life, parenting, business, and relationships refreshing.


Deanna will share how as a single mom she came to believe that balance is bullshit, that cowards send emails, yet on the other side of uncomfortable is everything you ever wanted.  Be inspired to elevate yourself and celebrate your challenges.  It’s time to wake up, suck it up, and grow up!  It’s time to be the version of you that you always knew you were meant to be.

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