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I believe in Faith First, then Family, then Philanthropy through successful business practices.  

If you have these Priorities in the correct order, you will excel in all that you do.

- Deanna Rossi-

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author, speaker, philanthropisT,

Entrepreneur, Independent financial professional,

mom, & wife 

Deanna Rossi is an experienced entrepreneur that ventured into the business world at just 22 years of age.  Having been mentored by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in America today, Deanna now pays forward her experience by mentoring others to become the best version of themselves.  Her personal experiences as a daughter of immigrants, a divorcee, a single mom, a wife, a step-mom, and an entrepreneur in a traditionally male dominated industry have forged her Grit with Grace essence.  This essence shines brightly through her insights and unapologetically authentic advice.  Those that engage with Deanna are inspired to overcome their personal adversities and adopt her No Justificuses mentality.  Deanna is a dynamic speaker that engages crowds to step up and maximize their potential, money, life, parenting, and professional success.  She has dedicated her life to the priorities of Faith, then Family, then Philanthropy through successful business practices and serves on the board of multiple non-profit organizations. Deanna finds great joy in educating others through public speaking engagements, small group workshops, and personal friendships. 

Upbringing   Deanna Rossi, formerly known as Deanna Marchionda, is a visionary entrepreneur and is native to Youngstown, Ohio. She is the daughter of Italian immigrants and alumni of Youngstown State University's Williamson College of Business. Although Deanna grew up in the tiny village of Lowellville, Ohio, she ventured into the business world at just 22 years of age. She not only blazed the trail for young females in the financial industry, but she continues to achieve success in various aspects of life.  Deanna was blessed to marry Attorney Gregg Rossi and blend their families including 4 total children. 

PhilanthropY   As an advocate for The Rich Center for Autism she has helped The Center raise over a million dollars through the PAR Golf Tournament and Auction. She has sat on several boards of charitable organizations in her community and the international charity All For One. Deanna is a leader in the Rotary community as well.  Deanna established her own family foundation to continue her legacy of Faith, Family, and Philanthropy through successful business practices.

Career     Deanna has been a seasoned investment advisor since 2001 and has owned and operated several other businesses.  She is known not only for her decades of experience in the financial industry but her achievement of becoming a Best Selling Author.  Her first book, "The Gift of Money", is a brilliant easy to read book that discusses basic money concepts. Her book, No Justificuses, a work that was written talk-to-text while recovering in a dark room from an occipital stroke that partially blinded her at 43 years old, achieved #1 Best Seller.  As a business leader, mother, and active member of her community, Deanna is sought after to speak around the country to inspire others to overcome their adversities and balance faith, family, and work. In her travels, Deanna has been mentored by some of the leading business minds in the world today. She has intensely studied personalities for over 25 years and utilizes her experience to help others align their career path with their personality and develop synergy in groups.

On the other side of uncomfortable

is everything you ever wanted.

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"I don't believe we were put here merely to survive.  I believe we were put here to do God justice and showcase the unique gifts and talents that God gave each of us." 

-Deanna Rossi-


"I have found that leading by example and having the courage to surround yourself with people that are congruent with whom you wish your children to emulate, is the best gift you can ever give them."

-Deanna Rossi-


"Live life with the priorities of Faith, Family, and Philanthropy through successful business practices and in that order, and you will find fulfillment." 

-Deanna Rossi-

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